As I was sitting in my truck Monday morning slowly rolling on the conveyer belt of a city car wash, I started thinking about the last time I washed my own car. My dad didn't do car washes, because he didn't trust machines to delicately clean his beloved jeep, and I bought into this mentality for years.

My father used to pull a stool out, and one by one he'd sit, scrubbing, spraying and polishing each wheel, before moving on to the rest of his jeep. The entire process sometimes took my dad four to five hours. He wouldn't trust the cleaning of it to anyone else, as he suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

I too have OCD, but I stopped regularly washing my car sometime around 2010, and now have a local place I like to go to. In and out, humans passing through foamy tunnels with impressive LED lighting. My dad would probably get vertigo from the experience.

He is well into his eighties now, and sold the jeep back in 2017. I saw some kid driving it on Blue Lakes Boulevard recently while vaping. He blew a monstrous cloud of smoke out the window and I thought to myself, my dad would have lost his s#$%.

Judging by the amount of automobiles that passed through the car wash I was at this morning, a great deal of Idahoans took off over the weekend to the mountains. I too was out of town, and arrived back from a camping and floating trip Sunday night about 6:30 P.M. It's good to see people getting back to spending time outdoors and unplugging after the hellish 2020 year.

People in Twin Falls do like to take care of their cars and trucks. I haven't seen the words "wash me" on a back window in quite sometime. Someone recently made the comment to me that Twin Falls has too many car washes. My response was, "yea, but do you ever see any of them dead?"

The things we think about while passing through the car wash. I thought about my dad today.

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