When it comes to paying bills, I'll admit, I'm old school. The latest phasing of Twin Falls postal boxes claimed the one I use twice a month to send bills off.

I already know what most of you are thinking based off the first paragraph of this story alone. You're thinking...get with the times. Who still licks envelopes anyway? And most of you would be warranted in thinking this.

To be honest, I'm just not a fan of electronic debiting. I prefer less financial institutions have my checking account number. I also don't keep money in a savings account.

If you ask me, money is safer "under the mattress" than in a bank. Heck, just ask the people of Greece who were denied access to their own cash when the country suffered its largest economic collapse in 2015. Although it happens to be a favorite movie of mine, I will never be caught standing in line at a financial institution run by a George Bailey.

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Greg Jannetta


So, my mail still gets sent out twice a month through the good old United States Postal Service. That's why I was overcome with a sense of disbelief when I recently went to drop my bills off in the postal box that used to sit in the parking lot of the Sinclair gas station, at 880 Shoshone Street West. It was so convenient in that it was right down the street from where I work.

The 5:00 p.m. pickup time was perfect too. For a complete list of remaining postal box locations in Twin Falls, click here.

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