A science experiment by TV’s “Mythbusters” involving a homemade cannon sent the projectile flying off-course into a suburban home.

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office officials said a rogue cannonball missed its intended target and was sent flying towards a suburban neighborhood, eventually crashing through the wall of a nearby home and damaging a parked car.

The experiment involved shooting a cannonball out of a cannon that the show’s hosts made around two years ago. The ‘Mythbusters’ crew intended to shoot it through several barrels of water and a wall made of cinder blocks at a nearby bomb range that the crew has used several times throughout the show’s history.

According to a sheriff’s office spokesperson, the cannonball completely missed the target, went through the wall and bounced off a nearby hill sending it flying through the local neighborhood.

No injuries were reported as a result of the experiment gone awry. Watch a news report on the unfortunate mishap below.

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