You may recall about a year or so ago, Amazon was on the hunt for it's next major headquarters home. In fact, the major online shopping and fulfillment company has become such a big deal that they were in a position to simply announce their search...and allow cities to BEG THEM to set up shop, there. It was really a display of just how prominent this corporation has become. The amount of jobs, growth, and business having this Amazon HQ in your city would be huge: so who wouldn't want that, right? Cities right here in the Treasure Valley applied and alas, none of us won that bid. However an Amazon center focusing on fulfillment DID open up here in Nampa and just this week was hit with a fine from the feds.

A workplace safety violation is what has Amazon coughing up just over $6,000. According to Idaho News, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration--better known as OSHA--found four unsafe working conditions in the facility in the month of March. The violations included:

  • Failure to log a non-life threatening injury on site
  • Uneven flooring making for a tripping hazard
  • Failure to cover up a 2-inch deep hole near a door entrance
  • Using an outlet box not mounted to a surface


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