Natalie Portman –that newly-married MILF who earned an Academy Award for unraveling in ‘Black Swan,’ which was essentially ‘The Wrestler’ in tutus – has shed her clothes again. She dropped her top for a Dior ad.

Portman, along with her equally stunning ‘Black Swan’ co-star Mila Kunis, is a spokeswoman for the expensive department store brand of clothes and makeup so she is contracted to appear in company propoganda. Alright by us, since she looks quite fine in those materials. Her latest PG-13 advertisement makes us forget, even if for a fleeting moment, that she just married choreographer and baby daddy Benjamin Millepied. It doesn’t make us forget that she’s vegan or that she named her kid Aleph, though. We don’t care how hot mom is that poor kid will still get called Alf for the rest of his life.

The Oscar winner is repping Dior’s new makeup line, appropriately dubbed ‘The New Nude.’ Here is a photo from the first time Portman dropped her top for the company.


This is probably now the ‘Old Nude.’ What’s old is nude again.

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