This weekend's most noteworthy, nationally-themed day, is one that celebrates the marriage of two people. It's also a great opportunity for newlyweds getting ready to share their first Valentine's Day together to begin getting in the habit of clearing schedules in the name of matrimony.

National Spouse Day is Saturday, January 26. This year will be my five year anniversary. Marriage, for me, has been a joyful undertaking, one that requires a great deal of listening and tactfulness. I think it's also important to periodically take time away from one another too. I believe some marriages fail simply because of a lack of respite; breathing room is very important.

The average age for marriage for men in the US is 26.8 years, and for women, it's 25.1, according to some recent data. Personally, I find these age averages to be too low. Not enough people get the chance to enjoy life enough before settling down. While I have zero regrets, I think it's a big, big world out there, and developing relationships abroad is something more people need to do.

Well, let me climb down from my marriage soapbox now. I'm just saying, on Saturday, we should try holding our phones less and each other more. Laughter is a must.

We hope you have a wonderful day with your spouse. Cheers!



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