Journey guitarist Neal Schon has unveiled the track listing for his upcoming solo album, Universe, and it features many notable classic rock covers.

Renditions of the Beatles’ “Hey Jude,” Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child” and Stevie Wonder’s “I Believe” are among the songs on the LP. Schon also covers Prince’s iconic “Purple Rain,” which you can listen to below.

Universe isn’t entirely made up of covers, however, as original material and classic Journey songs also make up the album.

“It’s some beautiful original healing music for healing times,” Schon explained on Twitter, adding that the musical style sounds like “symphonic classical Blues mixed with R&B soul hard-rock fusion.”

You can see the full track listing for Universe below.

The LP will be the ninth solo release of Schon’s career, following 2015’s Vortex. The project has been in the works for several years, with Narada Michael Walden - who became Journey’s new drummer during the band’s recent lineup change - serving as producer.

“It’s very melodic, powerful and majestic. There’s also some fusion on it. We did some cover tunes, but most of it is written by Narada," Schon explained during an interview with Michael Cavacini. "It sounds really solid, and it’s probably one of the best sounding records I ever made.”

The guitarist previously announced that Universe would arrive in “early December,” though an exact date has yet to be revealed.

Coincidentally, another Journey alumnus is scheduled to release his own solo effort this month. The band's former singer, Steve Perry, will put out the acoustic LP Traces (Alternate Versions & Sketches) on Dec. 4.

Neal Schon, 'Universe' Track Listing
1. "Something in the Heart"
2. "The Eye of God"
3. "The Universe"
4. "Caruso"
5. "Voodoo Child"
6. "Third Stone From the Sun"
7. "Purple Rain"
8. "She's For Real"
9. "What Has Become"
10. "Lights"
11. "Silent Voyage"
12. "Chrome Shuffle"
13. "Be Happy"
14. "I Believe"
15. "Hey Jude"


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