How convenient is it that Steven Tyler is now a new judge of American Idol, which Season 10 premiers tonight and his band Aerosmith has a new album on the way?  Convenient or does Tyler just have his life back together? 

Having seen Aerosmith perform live, I can tell you, the show kicks ass!  But when a rock star continuously falls off of stages and takes a leave of absence, you have to wonder when, if ever, will Steven Tyler will get his life together?  Tyler addressed his addictions, leave of absence, and falling off stages on his interview on The Howard Stern Show:

"I was using and fell off the stage," he said. "I was snorting fuckin' Lunesta. I got 19 stitches, broke my shoulder. No one in the band called me for 27 weeks. It about killed me. I'm Italian so it almost took me down....Joe didn't come visit me."

Yeah, I'd say that's hitting rock bottom.  And it seems his life is starting to rise back up and fast.  He's on American Idol, which he told Stern that he won't be the "Simon Cowell" type.

"You can't prejudice a situation like that," he told Stern. "To a certain extent, you can say, 'You don't look like a star, you don't walk, talk and act like a star so get out of there.'"  "I'm looking for the next Joplin, the one that isn't vocorded," he said. "The times that I found one, I teared up out there."

AND Aerosmith has new tour dates already set in South America and Japan even though there's friction between Tyler and the rest of the band:

This Saturday, the band is going to rehearse in L.A. "We're gonna get in a room together and write some shit. Tom, Joey, Brad will be there. Joe is Missing in Action. I texted him 20 minutes ago. 'Hey, Joe: Where are you?' He's angry with me for what? Because I took fuckin' Idol? What a crock of shit." He added Tom Hamilton will sing a song on the upcoming record.

Maybe by the time Aerosmith makes it to North America, everyone will be getting along?  If not, at least there's American Idol tonight.