One of the great things about the age of YouTube and Reality TV shows is that we are seeing a lot of musicians rise who never would have had the chance otherwise. Arguably that isn't great in all cases, I mean that's why we have Justin Bieber and William Hung. But, it is also why we have Arnel Pineda singing for Journey and Adam Lambert covering the great vocals of Freddie Mercury with Queen. I enjoy the musician competition shows every once in a while and though they are more prominent now, they aren't a new thing. There's a Netflix show that looks like it could be terrible, but I still want to watch it, called Eurovision Song Contest. It's based on a real music competition and an offshoot of that is coming to the United States next year.

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The Eurovision Song Contest posted to Twitter that the US version of the contest will happen during the holidays in 2021. It will be televised consisting of five to ten qualifying rounds, followed by the semi finals and grand final. The competition will consist of musicians from all 50 states, so Idaho has a chance here to really represent. The song contest will include solo acts, duos, and bands up to six members.

Both ABBA and Celine Dion were winners of the European version of the contest, so the US version has potential to bring about a big new star.

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