Over the weekend local residences took advantage of a new clothing boutique in downtown Twin Falls. The boutique, Fashion 15 Below, was opened by Erin Rigel. You may know Erin from The Little Black Fashion truck.

The Little Black Fashion truck was seen all over Twin Falls in the last few years. Erin sold clothing out of the truck at local events and hosted private parties.

The great thing about Fashion 15 Below is everything in the store is $15 or less. Fashion 15 Below opened on Friday February, 12th at 143 Main Ave East. Hundreds of Magic Valley residence showed up at the store's front doors hours before the store officially opened for a chance to receive 1 item of clothing a month for an entire year.

Owner Erin Rigel said, "We had an amazing opening and were very humbled by the support from the community. We loved having the opportunity to work with so many different women and help them with their fashion needs and look forward to the future."

Fashion 15 Below is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

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