Koby Slagel

Two Twin Falls' auto enthusiasts are inviting area residents who enjoy sharing their passion for cars to meet regularly as part of a club.

"It's not about racing, or revving, or being obnoxious. It's just a group of car enthusiasts that enjoy getting together and sharing with others who love cars," said Koby Slagel, who created the club with friend Joshua Ramos.

Slagel has spent a lot of time modifying his 1994 DC2 Integra, while Ramos enjoys working on his 1989 331 Stroker V8 Mustang. The two regularly meet at Beans and Brews in Twin Falls to talk cars.

"We just like getting together and cruising, and enjoying what we've done with our cars," said Slagel. "Our meets usually last about two hours, or however long we want them to."

Those interested in joining the group can message them on Instagram, at @_the_outsiders_club_. Their next gathering will be at Beans and Brews, at 1553 Washington Street North, Suite 100, on February 23 at 10 a.m.


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