A new donut food truck is now open in Twin Falls. They have some delicious looking donuts and more. I have no idea what a bubble bite actually is, all I know is I definitely want one.

Glazed Over Donut Truck

The truck is now taking pre-orders for your favorite flavors. It is also a truck that I feel like you definitely can't miss, it is hot pink. Glazed Over is the best name for it too. When I think donuts I definitely think glaze. You can also stop by for some coffee. They are going to be available for events as well.

What's On The Menu For Glazed Over

They have these things called bubble bites. They look like donut holes on a stick covered in various glazes and whipped cream. Honestly, it looks glorious. I need some of these in my life. They will also be serving coffee and each coffee comes with a bubble bite. Score! A lot of their donuts remind me of different cookies. In fact, one is covered in chocolate chip cookies. I am not sure if these would be best for breakfast or dessert. Maybe both

Where You Can Find Glazed Over

They plan on being at a variety of different events and festivals. They also plan on serving rural areas and traveling around the Magic Valley to places like Jerome and Filer. Basically, you should be able to find them pretty much everywhere. I can't wait. Pre-ordering some as we speak.

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