The newest drone footage shot over the Snake River and shared to YouTube does a wonderful job of encapsulating the beauty found within Twin Falls County.

Being as it is Friday, I thought I'd share the newest drone footage I came across on YouTube to hopefully inspire people to enjoy the outdoors this weekend. With only a couple of weeks left in summer and a slight dip in Magic Valley temperatures expected over the next several days, it's an ideal time to descend into the Snake River Canyon and get some fishing, kayaking, boating or paddleboarding in.

This new footage was uploaded on August 22, 2019, to the channel of Don Loyd, and runs over six minutes, but well worth every second. Conditions were ideal for flying the Mavic-Pro over the Snake River. From the opening seconds where one of the canyon's most impressive waterfalls is captured, the drone then heads east over the waters of the Snake and captures a few well-known landmarks.

Resting dangerously close to the canyon's edge is that amazing property located at E 3950 N, that has that crazy awesome deck with a killer view of the river beneath. The drone picks up footage of the awe-inspiring property at 0:22 in. After several minutes of flight over grand rock formations, incredible fishing and kayaking spots, the 350 foot Hansen Bridge can be seen in the video's final two minutes.

The video is again a reminder that we here in Twin Falls don't have to travel very far for a world-class outdoor adventure.

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