The ninth installment of the hit reality survival series Alone now has a release date and will be available on the History Channel. An Idaho contestant has already won the top prize of $500,000 once, and now two more individuals from the Gem State will get a shot at glory in the new season.

Alone is one of my favorite series on television. It ranks right up there with Ozark, Ted Lasso, Stranger Things, Outlander, and Hell's Kitchen for me. My wife and I started watching back in season one, and have been addicted to the program that follows 10 survivalists trying to outstay one another in harsh conditions.

The $500,000 grand prize is what inspires these people to risk spending what equates to months in desolate locations throughout the world. Canada has been a reoccurring location the series has been filmed in, and last season's winner was a Florida native named Clay Hayes. Hayes had to spend 74 days in the backcountry of British Columbia to claim the season 8 crown.

The new season features two Idahoans. Karie Lee Knoke, 57, is a Sandpoint native, and Benjamin (Benji) Hill, 46, lives in Bellevue. Each contestant is allowed to choose 10 items from a predetermined supply list to have with them.

The state of Idaho has already had a champion on Alone. The season 6 winner, Jordan Jonas, grew up in Idaho and worked construction prior to bagging the half-million-dollar prize. The backdrop for the upcoming season will be Labrador, Canada.

I'll once again be sitting back in my chair and living vicariously through these two Idaho contestants when the series begins on May 26. I can't wait!

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