Sometimes in the classic rock world, you don’t know whether you’re looking at truth or fiction. If you see Eddie Money working as a travel agent, well that’s just a funny Geico commercial. But a bunch of reality show contestants taking their worst shot at singing Night Ranger’s ‘Sister Christian’ in front of the real Night Ranger on ‘The Bachelor Pad?’ Oh yeah, that really happened.

‘The Bachelor Pad’ is a spin-off from ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ that gives eliminated challengers from each show a second run at finding true love. Each week, there is a competitive event in which they’re put to the test as couples. Previous weeks found the hopefuls competing in a spelling bee, a tea cup stacking challenge and an ice cream-related obstacle course (we’d sign up for that one in a heartbeat).

In this week’s challenge, making a strong case as to why some people maybe shouldn’t be able to rock in America, the remaining ‘The Bachelor Pad’ cast members stepped up to the microphone one by one to share their unique versions of Night Ranger’s timeless ‘80s classic.

As you’ll see in this video report, the members of Night Ranger wear their best game faces while occasionally making notes or possible checking for the nearest exit. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jaclyn and Ed, the featured performers in the video clip, were eliminated after their performance.

Despite some evidence to the contrary, host Chris Harrison says the band members had fun during their time on the set and that he did his best to coach each couple to just go out there and have fun and not take things too seriously. Mission accomplished! “They started playing, and one of our studio executives got on stage and was jamming with them. It was just a blast. They really got into it and didn’t act like rock stars.”

Night Ranger frontman Jack Blades recently said that he’ll never get tired of playing ‘Sister Christian.’ Now hearing it, on the other hand…

Watch the ‘Bachelor Pad’ Cast Sing ‘Sister Christian’

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