Southern Idaho, for the most part, is a very quiet place to live. But there is nightly noise. I live near a train and a 24 hour beet dump. So, if I'm having trouble sleeping the Idaho noise outside my window doesn't help. The noise may even be the reason my dreams have been weird lately.

Lately, I can't sleep to save my life because of crazy dreams. I wonder if the nightly noise I'm hearing is affecting my dreams. I really need to sleep so I did some research and found 5 ways to control my dreams. I tried it last night and I slept through the entire night!

Here are the 5 ways to control your dreams:

  1. Medication and Vitamins – If you take a B6 vitamin before bed, your dreams are going to be more vivid.
  2. Sleep Position – If you want a full night’s sleep doctors recommend sleeping with your hands above your head or in the fetal position.
  3. Sound – If you hear noises from outside you will incorporate them into a dream. If you leave the TV on your brain will be engaged in the TV and not sleep. The best thing to do is fall asleep to a peaceful soundtrack.
  4. Indigestion – If you eat something that upsets your tummy your dream machine will be mad. You’ll want to avoid cheese and spicy foods before bed.
  5. Smells – If you want to have peaceful dreams place fresh flowers at your bedside.

This seems like a lot of work but if you haven't had a full nights sleep in a month you try anything to get that 6 to hours of continuous sleep.

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