TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-After recent online rumors of a wolf sighting in the Magic Valley, Idaho wildlife officials say they cannot confirm such an animal has been seen this far south. Terry Thompson, spokesperson for the Magic Valley Regional Office for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game says after hearing of the social media rumor, "To date, we have never had a confirmed wolf sighting or confirmed track south of the Snake River Canyon." The rumor that surfaced on social media claimed either a mountain lion or wolf had been harassing a couple of horses and said fish and game went to check it out and confirmed it was a mountain lion and a wolf. Thompson says that is an inaccurate statement because as far as he knows the agency hasn't been called out to the area to confirm tracks. Although, mountain lion sightings are not uncommon in the area, "We know we have lions that live in and around the Snake River Canyon and so if there were reports of lion tracks in the Buhl area, that would be a distinct possibility." Thompson says if anyone is concerned about tracks they've found on their property they should take a picture of it as quickly as possible before it degrades. Most of the tracks this time of year will be in snow and mud and they could disappear quickly. He says to take a couple of angles of the animal tracks and use something to give it a sense of scale or size. Thompson says then call the regional officer at 208-324-4359 and report it.

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