There are certain things on Facebook you want the world to see, like photos at your niece’s baptism.  And there are things you don’t want anyone but your close friends to see, like the photos from when you got drunk at the baptism and skinny dipped.

According to a new study, almost none of us have ANY IDEA what we are and aren’t making public on our Facebook profiles.

Researchers at Columbia University surveyed students . . . all of whom are younger than us and probably use Facebook more than us, so they SHOULD know how to make Facebook work.

And 93% of them were publicly sharing something they thought was private.  84.6% were hiding something they wanted to share.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the survey fell into one or both of those categories.  Which means ZERO PERCENT completely understood exactly what they were sharing and hiding on Facebook.

The researchers say the problem isn’t with us . . . it’s with Facebook.  They make their privacy settings incredibly confusing, which makes it almost impossible to set your privacy the way you want it.

Which of course leads to the conclusion:  DON’T TRUST FACEBOOK.  If you have something you think should be private, it’s best not to have it online at all.

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