Neighbors can be both a blessing and a curse. I've had some pretty unique neighbors over the years in Twin Falls, but one, in particular, had a habit of doing something I'd never experienced seeing a single human being do in my entire life.

The worst neighbor I've ever had lived next door to me on one of the presidential streets in Twin Falls. She was absolutely horrible. I remember her telling my wife and I that our bulldog was going to "be a problem" for her on the first day we were moving boxes into our home.

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For the next year, she would record us in our backyard on her cellphone while listening to music because she claimed we were disturbing her peace. She would try to have cars parked next to her front yard fence towed from our street even though city police informed her multiple times she couldn't do that. She was universally despised by all who lived in the neighborhood, and we just so happened to move in right next door to her.

As far as habits go, she had some really obnoxious ones too. For instance, she would trim her lawn with a pair of scissors so other neighbors would feel sorry for her and mow it for her. I never volunteered. The most annoying habit I've ever seen a neighbor do is walk her cat daily up and down the street, with leash and collar and all.

What's the most annoying habit an Idaho neighbor has had in all your years living in the Gem State?

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