Let's be honest, some Thanksgiving side dishes are a waste of time and calories. Other side dishes make the meal complete and, often, make the meal worth eating. If you show up to a Thanksgiving meal and the turkey is dry, under-cooked, or just gross, the meal can be saved with a nice variety of pies, perfect mashed potatoes, and rolls. On the other hand if the turkey is a fail you aren't fixing the meal with side dish options of green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. I'm not saying you shouldn't have those at the meal. You should have them because they can be a nice addition, except green bean casserole. Stop making green bean casserole just because you think it needs to be in a Thanksgiving day meal. It doesn't. Even if Zippia or any other website tells you it is the most popular in your state.

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Now, I know there are some who will argue that green bean casserole is 'the best' and you 'love it so much', but be honest with yourself: other than on Thanksgiving when do you eat it?

Last year I wrote about the odd habit we have of making green bean casserole. Three times actually, over the course of the month of November, for various reasons. We even put together a poll to see what you guys think about the most common side dishes at Thanksgiving. The winner there isn't green bean casserole, I'll tell you that much.

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