If you love Idaho trees, and I mean really love Idaho trees, now you can own a bunch of them. But, don't expect this to happen for free.

There is a mountain ranch available near Boise and it includes over 10,000 acres of trees. Check this out.

Who cares about the ranch. Yes, it's nice, but look at all those trees. There's only one tiny problem. I'm having a hard time finding more details about this property. It's not appearing on Zillow (where I'm looking). The company that owns this land might be these guys who were mentioned in an Idaho County Free Press article. I tried to locate the real estate firm that shared the video and it might be these dudes.

The one thing I am sure of is the property costs over $10,000,000. That's a lot of zeroes I don't currently have. Wait. I have the zeroes, but no other numbers to go with them.

You can learn more, if you love Idaho trees a whole bunch and are rich, by checking out the Vimeo page where it was shared.

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