We're sorry. We don't know how this happened. But, somehow, the Snake now has its own app. Western civilization, as we know it, may now be ending.

What's in this app? Lots of things, actually and some might actually be helpful. (But, don't get your hopes up) Forgive me for playing Captain Obvious again, but you can stream us through the app. Face it. If a radio station had an app where you couldn't actually listen, that would be stupid. Amazing that we didn't try that.

You can also easily submit photos and stuff. So, next time your Uncle Bruce wears that really embarrassing Toy Story Onesie, you can share that moment with us.

Our latest conspiracy theories will also now be as close as your phone. Winning!

Get the new Snake app for Android now. Or, if you're an iPhone person, this is the link you need. Then, you can show your out-of-town friends why we can't have nice things here.

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