I was reading through some national articles and saw an article in the LA Times headlined "Boise wants to punish homeless people for sleeping. That’s un-American". Of course this intrigued me to read further.

So this is a letter to the editor and in the opinion section so not directly from the LA Times but it directly is for Boise. In the article the author Charles Kohorst, Glendora states :

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recognized this when it merely prevented the city of Boise from enforcing its anti-camping provisions against people who are merely doing what people need to do: sleep.

Back in April of 2019 a court found Boise's anti camping law unconstitutional being that we do not have enough beds in the shelters to house the number of homeless. Now for me the issue is not the shelters its the number of homeless and no affordable housing but in this article the author is calling Boise out. You can read more here.

Then there was another article saying Boise is the reason L.A can't legally clear it's streets of homeless encampments. Now L.A in now way has enough shelters for the number of homeless that flock there, so California and other states have signed on supporting Boise's handling and wanting to do the same. A lot of people support the anti-camping campaign in exchange for AFFORDABLE housing for residents that don't have a "California" salary.


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