Like they didn’t see this one coming!  Oregon will likely suspend issuance of new marijuana licenses for the next two years.  Current growers are eligible to apply for renewal.  How’s that for government picking winners and losers in the marketplace? 

More pot than pot smokers.

The reason given for the change is a glut.

More pot than pot smokers.

There were many warnings for states rushing headlong into legalized recreational marijuana.  The argument for licensing is regulation.  Some guy growing illegally on a mountaintop might sell you tainted goods.

This is a serious concern.  A recent CNBC documentary revealed illegal growers hose plants with chemicals and then when harvest is complete the chemicals remain on the plants when sold.

The safest pot (oxymoron) is the weed grown in massive indoor greenhouses.  These are under corporate control.  The people who can most spread some other green.  Like campaign cash.  Which can eliminate competition.

Again, not like anybody saw this coming…

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