Musical genes clearly run in several generations of the Osbourne family, and Ozzy's granddaughters appear to be big fans of their grandpa's music. Jack Osbourne posted a video of his daughters head banging and singing along to "Crazy Train," and Sharon Osbourne showed it last night (March 19) on her talk show, "The Talk." Watch the video below.

"You see the way Andy sneaks in and she starts the head banging," Sharon laughs on the show. "Aw, they did that to make their papa feel better."

Jack Osbourne and ex-wife Lisa Stelly have three daughters—Andy Rose, Pearl Clementine and Minnie Theodora. The two just recently finalized their divorce. Sharon told "The Howard Stern Show" last September, "She's a good girl...And the thing is it just didn't work. They love each other, [but] they can't live with each other."

Ozzy recently returned home after a several-week-long hospitalization for the flu and bronchitis, which resulted in the cancellation of his European tour with Judas Priest. Sharon's most recent update on Ozzy's health is that he was complaining. "That's always a good sign when he complains," Sharon said. "Then you know it's good."

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