They got them!  Idaho Fish and Game tracked down a pair of moose wandering near Twin Falls.  The animals were spotted along Route 30 west of the city this past weekend.  The young moose took a shine to the radio studios of our competitors.  Programming may be fine, but watch where you step when you’re outside the building.

Terry Thompson of Idaho Fish and Game said the animals were found on Monday.  Apparently, they weren’t harmed but did need to be relocated from the populated area and the busy road.

There has been explosive growth when it comes to moose in southern Idaho.  From what we call the South Hills and stretching into Cassia County.  Moose have even had to be removed from the Interstate near Burley.  Last weekend one of my coworkers was in the South Hills and a motorist was stopped and shouting excitedly because he had seen one of the monstrosities.

Thompson said the young pair were anesthetized and then taken by trailer to an area well outside of Fairfield.  They appeared happy with the move and had some wide-open space to roam.

He did say they were quite heavy and it took some considerable effort to load them into a trailer for the trip.

Just the usual but it generally seems like a necessary reminder.  Moose may look lumbering and friendly.  They’re not.  They’re shy but if you make them mad, moose are temperamental and can be deadly.  The same goes for bison and for bears.  Obviously, right?  All of these animals are best viewed with binoculars and/or zoom lenses.

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