With the weekend leading into the Memorial Day holiday approaching, the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation has informed dog owners to keep their animals from entering the waters of a Boise area state park as a way to prevent the spread of certain bacteria.

Eagle Island State Park, which is located approximately 15 miles northwest of Boise, has been listed as a body of water in southern Idaho where dog owners are prohibited from allowing their pets to swim. According to recent information shared to its Facebook page, the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation instituted the ban as a precaution against the spread of certain bacteria like E.coli. The bacteria can be spread to humans through animal waste.

The department issued the safety warning to the public on May 13, but also said dog owners could have pets in specific areas of the lake, as long as they don't permit them to enter the water. For a complete rundown of Eagle Island State Park pet restrictions, click here.

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