Kids these days are so mischievous — always pulling stunts like putting whoopee cushions on the teacher’s chair, hiding their little sister’s favorite doll and getting the face of their favorite NBA star shaved into the back of their head.

Patrick Gonzalez is a real rebel. He’s also a huge fan of the San Antonio Spurs. This is a recipe for disaster. Or not. Perhaps it’s just a recipe for an enthusiastic kid to want to do something to show his pride in a local sports team. The audacity!

So what does he do? This kid, this wild and rebellious kid, has his mom go to his school’s office and ask if it’s ok if he has the likeness of Spurs’ center Matt Bonner shaved into his hair. No tattoos. No weird clothes. No days off to watch them in the playoffs late at night. Just a haircut. And not even a flattering haircut!

He thought he had the “all clear,” so he went ahead and had this beautiful artwork done in his hair. Not only does it look amazing, it actually really works because Gonzalez’ hair is the same color as Bonner’s. But, the school was less impressed than we are. Maybe it’s because the haircut looks more like Chuck Norris than Matt Bonner. Maybe his first period teacher was jealous because her haircut didn’t look as good. Maybe the school is overreacting just a tad. But when does that happen!

Either way, the incredible artwork is soon to be gone. The school has told Gonzalez that it is a distraction and he has to shave it off or face suspension. They better watch out, though. Razors don’t shave Chuck Norris. They just stand there looking frightened until Chuck Norris gets sick of their fear and disappears. Oh, right, it’s Matt Bonner. Off with of his head!

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