The next DLC pack for Payday 2 will pay homage to Battlefield 4 with a collection of weapons, gear and cosmetic items.

Launching on Thursday, the Gage Assault Pack brings 4 new ranged weapons, 28 mods, 4 melee weapons, 4 masks, 4 new materials, 4 patterns and 10 achievements for $4.99. The pack was announced on developer Overkill Games’ website, which currently features a distinctly Battlefield-inspired design.

Payday 2 focuses pretty heavily on stealth, rewarding players for quiet operations and surgical precision. The new weapons in the Gage Assault Pack, however, are big and loud, and tend to cause a lot of destruction.  Like Gage says, though, “Once in a while, you want to go loud from the start.”

Payday 2’s developer, Overkill Games, is a Swedish operation, and this DLC pack is an unabashed nod to fellow Swedish studio, DICE. On the game’s Steam page, the developers confirm that, “Yes, this is us at Overkill tipping our hats to a fellow Swedish game developer. :)"

Polygon has posted a brief trailer for the DLC pack that includes no sound, but Overkill promises more details tomorrow, so stick around for more info on this story.

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