It's not uncommon to learn that people who have an interest in the occult often adopt lifestyles that lead them to identify as followers of alternative religious teachings. It's less common however to meet an individual on the streets who actively practices the lifestyle of what we know to be vampirism.

Have you heard about a vampire community that resides in southeastern Idaho? I came across a story published years ago by a news staffer working for The article basically centered around a person living in the Pocatello area who identified as a vampire. We're not talking about the kind of vampire that sleeps in a wooden coffin or turns into a bat after sundown, but instead, a human being who devotes themself to an alternative morality not taken seriously by most who follow Catholicism or Christianity.

Six years ago, an Idaho State University professor studied this way of life and determined that basically there wasn't a community of people whose faith identifies them as vampires living in southeast Idaho. How this educator came to this conclusion is beyond me.

Pocatello does seem to have a strong link to vampirism if you do some digging online. There are several websites and social media pages that have been created over the years by people attempting to make this region of the Gem State a safe haven for followers of perceived mystical practices.

There are even YouTube channels created by individuals that teach people how to identify vampires living in their communities. Have you ever met anyone who identifies themself as a vampire living in Idaho?

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