Pizza is one of my all-time favorite foods, so I'm kind of surprised that as I went through my stories from the last few years I only wrote three pizza related stories. Today that changes and I make it four stories. This pandemic has evolved and people seem to be venturing out more and more each day despite the virus. Maybe this is the incentive you need to stay inside? You have a chance to get paid to eat pizza and binge watch Netflix shows.

That sounds like the perfect pandemic plan to me. Bonus Finder has done similar contests previously with burgers, ice cream, and candy. This time they are looking for someone to binge three Netflix series while eating pizza and they'll pay them $500. They'll also pay for the winners' Netflix account and give them a food budget to buy the pizzas. They have a list of Netflix movies to choose from but they oddly don't seem to have any expectations for where you get the pizza. You only need to rate the pizza on appearance, taste, quality, and value.

You'll have to pick three TV shows and also judge them based on specific criteria. The cheesiness criteria carries into both categories because the cheesy pizza and cheesy story lines are sometimes essential. TV shows will also be rated on plot line, acting, and overall quality - especially their finale. If you win you should definitely pick Cobra Kai as one of your choices.

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To apply you need to fill out the form at Bonus Finder. They do say that more creative entries are better but the site also says the winner will be picked at random. So take that how you will.

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