Every year thousands of people stop near Idaho's most famous bridge to shoot photos and video of the impressive view from beneath the Perrine Bridge. This guy pulls a Karl Wallenda along the stone barrier and gives viewers like myself a moment of uneasiness.

A new YouTube video posted May 12, 2020, on the channel of an Amjad, gives us a view of the Snake River Canyon that most tourist don't see. I've walked out on the bridge many times, and coming from someone who has extreme Acrophobia, those couple of trips out were enough for me. I now admire the bridge from the water below.

I showed my wife this video, and the first words out of her mouth were, "Yea, that's why people die." The visitor to the bridge obviously didn't break any laws, or take any overtly dangerous actions, but to walk the edge and film at the same time, can be construed as risky, and is something I wouldn't recommend doing.

The three-minute video contains moments where the man is mere inches from the 400 plus foot vertical drop-off. The beauty of this vantage point is unarguably impressive, and this passerby picked a perfect day to shot some footage.

The BASE jumping season has arrived in Twin Falls, so expect to see large numbers of thrill seekers taking the leap in the coming months. Just be sure to give them their six-feet in social-distance if you see them, as I'm sure most jumpers need some personal time to prepare prior to stepping foot onto the platform.

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