For those of you that enjoy taking a run to the south hills, many of you have probably already visited the tallest waterfall in the area. For those that never have like myself, a state tourism website just featured it in a story, and shared directions on how to get there.

Visiting Idaho's South Hills is something my family does once or twice a year. We tend to go north to the Ketchum Valley the majority of time we want to get out of town, so there are many areas of the hills I have yet to experience. Recently, a local adventure and tourism website featured the hill's tallest waterfall, which is named "Phantom Falls."

A coworker told me that Phantom Falls is best visited in the spring or early summer, while the water runoff is still plentiful and the surrounding trees and foliage are still vibrant. Southern Idaho Tourism just showcased Phantom Falls in a recent website update, and gave readers directions on how to get there. A  fun YouTube post from a couple of years ago also shows how to locate the landmark.

Having now been made aware of Phantom Falls, it has certainly moved up on my personal list of must-visit spots this summer. It's also very close to Twin Falls, and can be made into a relatively easy day trip. Judging from the video, there is a bit of a hike to get to Phantom Falls, so pack some food and water, especially if the weather is hot.

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