It's well documented that serial killer Ted Bundy spent a great deal of time both stalking potential victims and vacationing in the northwestern United States. He often traveled in the states of Utah and Washington, and even lived and hung out at two properties just a short drive over the border from Twin Falls, Idaho.

Ted Bundy is considered one of the worst serial murderers the world has ever seen, but even killers have downtime. If you've ever wondered what Satan would look like at a pool party, just take a gander at the haunting image of Bundy hanging out in the backyard of his wife's Ogden, Utah, home, as he eerily grips her's and her daughter's heads like bowling balls.

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Photo of Bundy with Liz and Molly, Ogden Utah 1970; YouTube

Another jewel in the serial killer family photo album was a double selfie Bundy and his wife took just a couple of hours outside of Twin Falls in northern Utah. The image shows Bundy with his tongue out, which is enough to make just about anyone's skin not just crawl, but sprint.

Bundy and wife Liz in Utah 1975; YouTube

One of Bundy's alleged victims was a young student in the Pocatello area, so he likely crossed over the southern Idaho border on more than one occasion in the seventies. These images were shared in a bizarre gallery in 2020, and are indeed highly unsettling.

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