Did anyone in the Magic Valley sleep well last night? If you did, you have to share your secret because the rest of us were kept up by lots of random noises as the cold front moved through Southern Idaho. If we didn't know there were wicked winds from the west, we would have been convinced our house was haunted. I even had to go into my garage and lock shut an attic access door that was slamming with each change of pressure from the wind gusts. It wasn't just doors slamming during the wind: trees, buildings, yard items, animals, and trampolines were also victims of the near hurricane-force winds.

Spring Wind Damage

I feel for all of you who also didn't get much sleep. I also feel for the trash collectors since our trash can was knocked over, and two houses down the street. That could not have been an easy job today.

Many other Magic Valley residents are looking at unexpected jobs today too. Fixing downed fences, animal corrals and houses, roof repairs, and other hazardous remnants from the wind will need to be fixed. Today would be a good day to check in on your neighbors and friends to make sure they are all OK. I have to talk to my neighbor and negotiate a means to get his trampoline back into his yard so his kids can play on it this summer.

Good news for residents in Idaho: now that the cold front has blown by we have a pretty amazing forecast for the upcoming Easter weekend.

Real Life House Monsters

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