I'm not at all unaware of the fact that I live in a very, very, very Red State.  According to 270towin.com, Idaho has been a majority-red state in every presidential election since Nixon's 1968 victory.

So, when forming opinions about political leaders, perhaps it's extra important to perform due diligence.

The fact-checker website Politifact has tracked President Obama's campaign promises from 2008 and 2012 through present.  Here are the findings.


I don't know what you make of these numbers, but to me, it points to a sort of "man in the mirror" moment.  If we're hard-lined blue and blindly support the POTUS, it may be a good moment to reflect that Obama (according to Politifact) has broken one out of ever five of his promises.

If we're hard-lined red and, as one person said on our Facebook the other day, "Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie," well, that clearly isn't true either.

Bottom line: if we feel politically "threatened" in some way (on a personal level) by any of these numbers, maybe ultimately that's a good thing.

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