I'll admit, and it isn't really a secret, that I love Christmas. My house is the one on the street that will most years have some Christmas lights still up in August. I also have LED lighting around my house so can pick colorful lights all year long. I turn them green for St. Patrick's Day, pink and red around Valentine's Day, orange and purple at Halloween, and red, white, and blue on patriotic holidays. My house is easy to find and it makes me happy seeing the lights when I am home. When the Christmas season comes around, aka anytime after Halloween, is when I put up the Christmas exclusive lights.

Some people may think that Christmas decorations early is silly, dumb, or disrespectful. I like them, but I also have a much more scientific reason for putting it all up a little early. Winter is cold. Seriously, why in the world would you wait until the temperature is single digits, ice on everything, and snow on the ground to climb up a ladder and put up lights? Do it now when you won't freeze.

Plus, if you get up your lights soon you could win $500 with the Light Up Twin Falls contest powered by Select Health. Those bright lights on your house will brighten the lives of those around you and $500 could brighten up your bank account.

Worried your decorations will upset your neighbors? You could always try to incorporate them for all seasons like some are doing this year with skeletons.

Whether you decorate now, later, or never - we wish you a merry Christmas!

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