Southwest Idaho's premiere water park destination, Roaring Springs, is opening this Saturday, May 11, weather permitting. The forecast for Saturday (in Boise) is sunny and 81 case you were wondering.

Roaring Springs is now selling season passes, according to details on the park's website. Bearfoot Bay, a small, nature-themed portion of the water park, is currently open for the younger kids. The park is offering a free season pass with the purchase of nine.

I have yet to visit Roaring Springs since moving to southern Idaho in 2016. Come to think of it, I probably haven't visited a water park since 1982 or so. Enduring years of being pantsed at California parks--also having my head dunked in the pissiest pools the parks had to offer by my older brother growing up--I think the thought of going still traumatizes me to this day.

But hey, for those looking to beat this Mother's Day weekend's heat, Roaring Springs is open for biz!

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