It's the time of year when many Idahoans start planning trips to visit their favorite natural soaking spots as a way to enjoy nature and burn off stress. One woman who travels extensively and shares her experiences on YouTube, produced a great video showing her favorite hot springs to relax in in the state of Idaho.

In the nearly five years I've been living in southern Idaho, I have yet to visit a single hot spring in the state. A house my family used to own had a hot tub at the end of an 80- foot, elevated, wooden walkway. The walkway extended out to a wooded area in the back of the property, and in the winter, it made for an incredibly beautiful backdrop while soaking.

I told myself that if I ever acquired enough money, I'd build the same style design on my property. Sitting in a heated pool, and watching the snow fall around you, is about as good as it gets.

Be My Travel Muse is the YouTube channel of a woman named Christine. She posts videos of her travel experiences, which include stops at hot springs throughout southern Idaho. Boise and Stanley are both featured in her post named "The Best Idaho Hot Springs."

Idaho City Hot Springs, Boater Box Hot Springs (featured in photograph), Sunbeam Hot Springs, and my new, personal favorite (I'll be checking this one out very soon), Mountain Village Resort, are just a couple spots Christine showcases in this eight-minute video. Christine's channel has over 18,000 subscribers.

Enjoy! Maybe you'll learn of some new spots to check out this winter. Safe travels.

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