Dirty Honey helped the National Hockey League launch its New Year’s Day Winter Classic event by recording a cover of Prince classic “Let’s Go Crazy.”

The band — who’ll soon tour North America in a double-header road trip with Wolfgang Van Halen’s Mammoth WVH — also shot a promotional video on a frozen Minnesota lake for the TNT network. Both the clip and full-length cover are available below.

“I found out about Dirty Honey through former NHL player Scottie Upshall and have been a fan of the band ever since," said director Tyler Lassiter in a statement. “I had read that [singer] Marc LaBelle was a big hockey guy, and as soon as we landed the NHL deal on TNT earlier this year, my first thought was that we would do something with these guys at some point.” He continued: “When we came up with this concept, all the stars seemed to align. We needed a band who could faithfully pull off a legit Prince cover as well as one passionate enough to agree to shoot on a frozen lake in northern Minnesota in mid-December. The boys crushed it.”

LaBelle recently gave UCR a preview of the double-header trek that kicks off on Jan. 18, noting the band's biggest touring priority.

“The number one thing for me – and this is just a motto about life as a musician – is just be great every night, and do your best every night, because people are spending their hard-earned cash to see you not suck, and even more than not suck, be amazing,” he said. LaBelle continued: “People don't have time for mediocre anymore, and if you are mediocre, then they're going to trash you everywhere. But if you're great, they're gonna tell you, and they're gonna tell all their friends that you're great. And from touring with guys like Slash and Myles Kennedy and the Black Crowes, they bring it every single night, and it's really impressive to see that, and it's something I want to take into my older age.”

Watch TNT’s Video for Dirty Honey’s Cover of Prince’s ‘Let’s Go Crazy’

Listen to Dirty Honey’s Cover of Prince’s ‘Let’s Go Crazy’

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