I take issue with this because I have personally seen a lot of good people in Idaho doing good things, being kind to their neighbors and strangers, and being very charitable when needed. But the new results from WalletHub say that Idaho is not really a charitable state. We are more of a lukewarm wet blanket to those in need.

Source: WalletHub

Working in the media profession I get to see first-hand the good people and the good deeds when there is need in our communities. Our radio stations are often part of organized charitable events, but without you guys those charity events would be a waste of time. It is because you all show up to help, donate, support, and encourage others that our community events are successful.

Over the years, with Christmas in the Night Time Sky, you have shown up in droves with new toys for needy local kids. This year is a different situation as the event has been cancelled, but the need for toys remains. I have no doubt that our charitable community will once again show that they care. Find out how to help and where to donate toys here.

We have also been part of the 60 Hours to Fight Hunger for many years, and I am always humbled and shocked at how kind people are. Each year you donate thousands of turkeys, food, and money to help the less fortunate. The event continues this year as 60 Hours to Fight Hunger begins this week.

The Snowpocalypse of 2017 gets brought up often as a time where people were just being good to each other. As snow fell and turned to the roads to inescapable slush pits, numerous people volunteered their big trucks to help, for free, those who were stuck and in need.

When we rallied together to show support for our local hospital heroes earlier this year, the community again showed up. Charity doesn't always mean you are giving something physical away - it can also be you giving of your time or talents to help and lift up those around you.

That's what Idaho is. We are charitable, even if the stats that WalletHub found might say otherwise.

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