Most people that live in Idaho during the winter love to play on their devices. We play video games with our kids, send emails from our computers, check Facebook on our phones and shop on our tablets.

Our kids love their devices too. If it were up to my 8 year old, he would stay home all day everyday and play on his tablet, video games, computer, etc.

I've often wondered how bad is too much screen time? A lot of our children will end up getting jobs that will require them to spend 8 hours focusing on a computer screen.

I've researched screen time and found the following reasons too much screen time can be harmful:

  • Too much screen time can cause kids to become overweight
  • Playing violent video games can make kids angry
  • Computer time can make kids tired
  • Zoning out in front of the TV can make a child sad

For all of these reasons I decided I needed an effective way to control my kids screen time. I recently loaded the "screen time" app on my children's devices. Not to ruin their lives like they think, but to improve our family time. I have to admit I felt a little powerful when my children's tablets shut off and they didn't know why.

This particular app gives your kids three different tasks to get more screen time. My kids have never been more eager to clean their rooms and do their homework. I felt like I had won a small lottery! If you need to limit your kids time on their devices screentime is a great place to start!



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