This afternoon I was scrolling through a local Rants & Raves site on Facebook to find out what is currently rubbing Twin Falls residents the wrong way, and I came across a post from Tuesday night that caught my eye. It appears that an area woman might be pulling a fast one on Magic Valley restaurants.

In the post titled "PSA-To My Fellow Fast Food Owners / Managers," information came out about an "older" lady who called this manager's restaurant claiming she was given an unacceptable meal, but didn't get the chance to discuss the matter further. After arriving at the restaurant and being prepared a new meal, management discovered through sales reports that the woman was lying. She was also unable to present any form of receipt for said unsatisfactory meal.

The reported scammer--some Rants and Raves' members say she uses the name "Kathy,"--has apparently hit multiple area restaurants with the same song and dance routine. And oh yea, it's said she let's the puppies run free, according to responses on the chain.

Have you had an experience with "Kathy?"

Here's a look at the entire entry: (Via Facebook)

Serial food scammer



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