Not to be old and crotchety...but I am. However, rape tag! Really?

Rape Tag seems to be the hot new game to play on the childhood playground...OK according to this principle:

Principal Bill Sprung of Washington Elementary School in New Ulm sent a letter home this week to parents to alert them to the disturbing game, which was described as similar to freeze tag, "except that a person had to be humped to be unfrozen," the letter states.

Wow, when I was a kid, I walked barefoot in the snow both ways (I'm originally from Florida, where it doesn't snow) and we played Freeze Tag, NOT Rape Tag.

Do we blame MTV? No, they only play "18 and Pregnant." Do we blame the parents? No, kids will be kids. So what the hell were these kids thinking? Oh...I get it.

Remember back in elementary school when you went to sex education and you giggled like a school girl? I do and I still somewhat do that. But, what I'm saying is these kids probably just thought it was funny to get humped and nothing else. Or they were all sex crazed hooligans? What the hell do I know.?

What do you think?

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