In the latest development of “As The Ratt Turns,” drummer Bobby Blotzer is lashing out at his bandmates, saying that they “fed false info to fans” regarding the current state of the group.

Recently announced as the new drummer in Geoff Tate’s version of Queensryche, Blotzer took to his Facebook page to address concerned fans who wondered what this would mean for the future of Ratt.

Blotzer writes, “Hey peeps, I really appreciate the loads of positive feedback about the grouping with Geoff and company. A lot of questions about the state of Ratt surfacing as well. Those should be directed in the direction the usual suspects in Ratt’s disappearance, Warren (DeMartini, guitar) and (singer) Stephen (Pearcy). I’ve exhausted myself for two years with those two. I’m sorry for all the b.s. They have fed false info to fans. Not meant to be mean, just exhausted with unreasonable people.”

Inner-band conflict is nothing new for Ratt, who have seen their lineup change many times through the years. For a time during the ‘00s, there were even competing versions of Ratt on the road, with DeMartini and Blotzer replacing Pearcy with Love/Hate vocalist Jizzy Pearl — a band lineup that also featured former Motley Crue member John Corabi on guitar.

In 2006, they eventually reunited with Pearcy and the group cemented the reunion in 2010 with the release of ‘Infestation,’ the first Ratt album in nearly 11 years. The band went even further by reuniting with original bassist Juan Croucier in May for a performance at the M3 Festival. At that time, Croucier said that he hoped that the reunion would “last far into the future.

In an appearance on ‘That Metal Show’ taped this past April, Blotzer himself said “we’re working on a new record — the second record for Roadrunner — and putting our tour together for the summer.”

Blotzer explained that the reunion and album in 2010 came as the result of “millions of phone hours,” which he humorously labeled as “band counseling sessions… it’s a process, trying to appease each other, it’s hard to keep everybody happy.”

With Geoff Tate’s proposed new Queensryche lineup all set to embark “on a new musical journey” together, hopefully it will be a happier trip for Blotzer.

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