We like to joke that the zombie apocalypse is something that is going to happen, and maybe it isn't a joke for some but I don't judge. The good news is that if the zombie apocalypse does happen, Twin Falls is pretty much the best place to be, we are already super prepared.

My friends and I already have a plan in place if the zombie apocalypse happens. Apparently Nostradamus predicted centuries ago that a Zombie apocalypse would happen this year. Take that 2020. I mean, at least if Nostradamus is correct, Twin Falls is pretty prepared.

  • Twin Falls has a city of tunnels, we can hide in there, or we can get the zombies to fall in there and blow them all up. I am not sure which sounds better.
  • Twin Falls has lots of gun stores, sure we don't have a ton of ammo right now in the store, but that can also be rectified. Plus a lot of Idahoans know how to reload ammo. That is helpful when supplies are finite.
  • We know how to hunt. Here in Twin Falls there are a lot of freezers already full of meat and we know how to refill, butcher and hunt.
  • Twin Falls has a lot of food options. We could eat off restaurant left overs for years before even touching the grocery stores.
  • We are a pretty good shot. We know how to shoot and therefore we will lose less ammo, or go through less ammo.
  • We are pretty secluded. The less people, the less zombies, enough said.
  • We have lots of doctors offices and hospitals that have medication and first aid supplies. That is a great start
  • Twin Falls residents have a lot of tools they are already pretty much prepared for everything.
  • I know so many people in Twin Falls that already have an emergency plan in place. That is helpful as well
  • Twin Falls residents know how to hide in the woods. We like to be alone and camp and fish and hunt. We do it for fun. Those are big things needed during a zombie apocalypse. We know our way around the wilderness.

It is crazy to think that even the CDC is giving zombie apocalypse advice.

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