Growing up I wasn't allowed to watch the Simpsons at home. Which is why I would only watch it when I went over to friends' houses. My parents thought it was too edgy and crass and they were probably right, which is interesting now since I think the Simpsons are actually pretty tame compared to many other cartoon shows. Some clips from The Simpsons are actually more funny now as an adult than when I was a teen.

One of those clips is super short and hilarious as it roasts Idaho with just five words. Check it out :

Even if you don't know that Ralph Wiggum is portrayed as not the brightest bulb in the pack, you can tell from this short clip that Idaho just got burned. When Ralph says 'I'm Idaho' in a costume that took no thought and the principal says 'Yes. Of course you are.' you know they chose Idaho specifically so they could make a joke about us.

That being said, while Ralph is always played off for laughs he's easily one of the best side characters of the show. His simple-minded one-liners are often more truth than we want to admit. Though most are just ridiculous. I watched a few compilations of his best moments just now and feel you should also get that privilege. You can watch them below.

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