I came across a video the other day that brought back some awesome memories. Remember when David Letterman sent Biff Henderson to visit Franklin, Idaho?

If you don't remember Biff Henderson, he was one of the characters on the Late Show with David Letterman on CBS back in the 90's. Biff played the stage manager. One of their bits back in the day was called "Biff Henderson's America" where he would travel to small towns no one had heard of. In Idaho, the lucky town was Franklin. Here's what happened:

The thing I always enjoyed about Biff was the fact that he wasn't as snarky as Letterman, so he wouldn't come across like he was making fun of small town people when he did segments like this.

My absolute favorite part is when Biff and several townspeople stood on the Utah border (since Franklin is right on the Utah border) and yelled insults across the state line. Good times.

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