It is insane to think that it has been 19 years since the tragedy occurred. It is even more crazy to think that those in school learning about it were not alive to witness it. So for those of us that were, it is important to remember. Where were you that day?

It felt different on the west coast because of the time change. It all happened so early for us but I remember watching the attacks. I was in 6th grade Homeroom when I first learned about what was happening. I didn't fully understand until the teacher from across the hall barged into our classroom and yelled "The second tower fell!".

After it was discovered it was a terrorist attack and we knew this was going to make history we spent the entire day watching the attacks on T.V. and listening on the radio. At the time we had those big T.Vs on the roller carts that were tiny screens but we were all glued to the screen. The bell would ring, we would change class rooms and continue watching.

I remember Las Vegas virtually shut down because some of the locals thought that maybe it was a target next. People rushed home to their families. The next two days there was a lot of aftermath, not a lot of going back to normal.

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