You're probably way too mature to remember this, but the Boise State Broncos used to have their own video game. Those days are gone now, but we remember. 

Yes, technically there were other teams in EA Sports game "NCAA Football", but the BSU Broncos were the only team that really mattered. Who wants to play as South Dakota State? Not me.

The NCAA Football video game series lasted for 20 years starting in 1993. The last official version was NCAA Football 14. It was one of the most successful video games of its era. It was originally named after football coach, Bill Walsh, but eventually just became NCAA and the year of release.

Why did it go away? Licensing. Big controversy arose when real players noticed that their numbers in the game played just like the real life dudes. Their names weren't used, but they still felt like they were being ripped off and deserved royalties. In the end, the NCAA did not renew the license and the video game series ended.

There have been many rumors that the game would come back and we could lead our virtual BSU Broncos to victory again, but the Wikipedia page for the game claims licensing still isn't gonna let that happen. This time it's from the separate conferences.

Guess you'll just have to locate an old copy of NCAA Football 14 at the pawn shop and see if you can lead the Broncos to that elusive bowl victory.

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